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It is an absolute honour to get to do what I do. To be trusted with your most intimate moments. Through photography, we are capturing a moment in time, 1/1000th of a second of your story. Within that snippet of time is every emotion, excitement, love, and joy. The photos we create together will bring back those feelings for years to come.

I completely understand that posing for the camera is super uncomfortable!That's why I won't make you stand awkwardly and smile into the camera for ages. My approach is much more relaxed. I’ll get you guys having fun, and joking around with each other and I’ll be there to capture those beautiful moments you’ll cherish for years to come.

Photography is about capturing your unique love story to be enjoyed and experienced for years to come.

When snapping away with my camera I always keep in mind that these are the images you will show to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. They can be enjoyed for generations to come and each one holds a story captured in time.

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I'M MorE than just
a photOgrapher

It’s not just about the photo taking. I will be your hype girl, dress fluffer, bouquet holder, and nerve calmer.

Think of me as an extra bridesmaid. I’m always a step ahead of the game, keeping things organised while being a reassuring figure to help calm those nerves. There's little I haven't seen on a wedding morning! Taxi driver? That's me! Buttonhole putter onner? Sure! Snack/coffee bringer? As long as I can have some! Climbing in windows after the bride was locked out? Yup, call me a ninja!




Many people don't realise how important it is to vibe with your photographer; we will spend a lot of time together on your wedding day, and it's essential for your photographer to feel like a friend. Building a good relationship with any of your suppliers will make a huge difference on the day, and that's why I put a lot of emphasis on getting to know my couples before the wedding day. By the time it comes along, we will feel like old friends. I am still good friends with some of my couples and I LOVE keeping in touch.​

Want to get excited over Pinterest boards? YES. Need help to choose suppliers? I can help. Need someone to vent to about the stresses of wedding planning? I'm here for that too. I will be with you throughout the process and there to guide you or offer encouragement.

​My job is SO much more than clicking a button for pretty pictures; it's about making you feel at ease, hyping you up, letting you have fun, and helping you bounce off each other's energy. And that's why I love it.



Almost everyone I shoot with says, 'I'm not good in front of the camera' or 'I hate having my photo taken', BUT afterward, nearly everyone says, 'That was actually really fun!'. Forget the traditional "stand and smile awkwardly at the camera while a photographer adjusts every finger to a specific angle" - no one enjoys that. Instead, I'll have you laughing and joking, playing games, telling stories, and generally prompting you rather than posing you.​

I LOVE my job, and it shines through on every shoot. I smile from ear to ear the whole day as it's an honour to capture these memories for you.



Couples often say “I hate having my photo taken so I don't want more photos”, to that I would say that's exactly why you should book an engagement session.

The unexpected can be a bit daunting, but your photo session should be fun! If you are nervous about getting photos at your wedding an engagement photoshoot is a great way to get more comfortable in front of the camera and find out what to expect on your wedding day.

It will help your photographer learn what works and doesn't work with you guys as every couple is different. If you need a bit more help to ease into things, it’s really helpful for us to build confidence without the pressure of a wedding day.

Even if you love having your photo taken, engagement photoshoots are such a fun way to record this period of your life! Why not go to the place you got engaged? Or somewhere that is really special in your relationship?

You can find out more about the couples sessions I offer HERE. When you book me for your wedding you get 25% off couples sessions. The Oak wedding package includes a pre or post-wedding photoshoot.



  1. Engagement/Post wedding photoshoot
  2. 10% Off couples/family packages for life
  3. Morning Prep until after the first 5 dances
  4. Wooden USB in a personalised trinket box
  5. Minimum of 800 edited images
  6. Full resolution images
  7. Printing rights
  8. Location scouting


  1. Coverage of morning prep until just after the first dance
  2. Minimum of 600 edited images
  3. Full resolution images
  4. Printing rights
  5. Location scouting


  1. *only for micro weddings under 20 people
  2. Coverage of Ceremony - Speeches
  3. Minimum of 400 edited images
  4. Full resolution images
  5. Printing rights
  6. Location scouting

*50 miles from Dunfermline are included in each package. Additional miles will be charged at 50p. Distances over 80 miles will incur a £60 overnight additional charge.


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